Athletic Department

Bethel Christian Schools provides opportunity for all students in grades 4-12 to audition for involvement in extra-curricular sports programs.  High School sports teams are affiliated with the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).

A.    Athletes in all grades must be in good health and display aptitude in the sport offered in order to be selected.

B.    6th graders are eligible for Middle School sports.

C.    High School students (grades 9-12) are required by CIF to have an annual physical examination record on file.

D.    Athletes must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average AND good behavior in order to continue on a sports team.  Athletes may be suspended or removed from a team if they do not meet these expectations.

E.    A fee will be charged for each athlete for each sport to cover the cost of league fees, coaches, referees, transportation, equipment, etc., and the cost of the end-of-season banquet (whether or not the student attends).  Fee schedules are available in the school office.

F.    Additional guidelines will be issued for each sport.  Athletes are subject to the rules, training methods, and disciplinary actions utilized by each coach.

G.    Agreements that must be signed by parents will be issued for each sport, along with practice/game schedule.

H.    School-owned uniforms are to be kept in good condition and returned to the school within 10 days of the end of the season or the parents/guardians may be charged a replacement fee.

I.    An athlete must be present by the beginning of third period (10:00 am for grades 4-5) and remain at school for the rest of the day in order to participate in that day’s practice or game.  Athletes who leave school early for any reason other than an excused appointment (see #6. Absences/Tardies) may not participate in that day’s practice or game.

J.    Practices will be held after school on the Bethel campus or a nearby location that provides better playing facilities.  Parents may be asked to pick up students at the other location following practices.  A fee per minute late will be charged to parents who do not pick up their student within 15 minutes of the end of practice.

K.    Only team members, coaches, and managing/support staff may be in the practice area (‘closed practice’ policy).

L.    Home Games may take place either on the Bethel campus or at a nearby location (which may require a departure from the school during school hours).  A fee per minute late will be charged to parents who do not pick up their student within 15 minutes of the end of a game, either at the Bethel campus or pre-publicized nearby location.

M.    Away Games take place at the campus/location of the opposing team. If local, parents/guardians may be asked to pick up students from the other location (directions will be provided in the school office).  A fee per minute late will be charged to parents who do not pick up their student within 15 minutes of the publicized end of a game at the game location or the publicized return time to the Bethel campus.

N.    All team members and support persons are to ride the team bus or school-sponsored private vehicles whenever leaving the campus as a team.  Students over 18 may drive themselves WITH parental AND coach permission but may not have any other students in the vehicle. Athletes may only be transported to an off-campus sports event by the parent/guardian if required by the coach or if the coach gives special permission in cases of unchangeable circumstances.

O.    Parents/guardians may pick-up their student at an off-campus location after practice or game by signing out with the coach.  No students may leave with an unauthorized pick-up person.

P.    Rules for behavior at off-campus events apply.

Q.    On game days, team members must follow the dress code set by the coach and may be excluded from the game if they do not comply.

R.    All athletes, coaches, parents/guardians, and others who attend Bethel games in support of the team are expected to show GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP at all times by cheering for and offering positive remarks for good game play.  BAD SPORTSMANSHIP includes criticizing the coaches, athletes, officials, or opposing team constituents.  Such behavior may result in removal from that game and/or denial to attend future games.

S.    An athlete who quits a team after participating in at least one game might be excluded from participation in any Bethel sport during the rest of that season and the following season.