Bethel Christian Schools is committed to parental involvement within the classroom or as a fieldtrip chaperone, as well as a safe and secure school environment.  The following are the requirements for school volunteers:

1)    Any individual wanting to become a classroom or fieldtrip chaperone volunteer shall complete a Bethel
       Christian Schools “School Volunteer Application”.

2)    All volunteers shall meet the requirement set forth by the Riverside County Health Services Agency of having
       an up to date TB vaccination.  This vaccination is good for 4 years from date of clearance.  Proof of
       vaccination will be required upon approval of application.

3)    All volunteers shall be under the direct supervision of a school employee or teacher.

4)    All volunteers:

    a)    serving as Assistant Coaches,
    b)    that will be in the classroom 4 hours a week over a 4 week period or longer,
    c)    serve as a chaperone on class field trips if they might supervise students in the absence of the teacher,
    d)    serve as a chaperone on class field trips that includes over night activities, shall be fingerprinted, with
           clearance from the Department of Justice prior     to approval to serve.  You will be notified by Bethel
           Christian Center’s Human Resources Department or the school office of your fingerprinting results.

5)    Fingerprint clearance shall be at the applicant’s expense.  The current fees are $76.00, however the fees
       are subject to change without notice.